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Hindsight: It Can Be Regretful

Somedays, you wake up with an unexplainable ability to conquer the world flowing through your blood. Other days, you wake up wondering how the hell you got here, and when you started going wrong. Today was the later, for me at least. If you woke up feeling as though the stars had aligned just right… Continue reading Hindsight: It Can Be Regretful

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Soulful Findings.

I think of the children in Sierra Leon. I think of the refugees here in America.
I think of the little boy without a father or little girl whose mother calls her fat and ugly.
The boy getting rejected and the girl getting excluded.
The man getting fired from another job, wondering how he’ll pay this months’ bills.
The woman getting another negative test, knowing she is infertile from teenage vanity.
The young boy I saw, as I walked to work the other morning, sweat drenching the back of his yellow polo, his pants three sizes too big, holding a grocery bag with sneakers in them. My heart dropped. He walked so slowly, it was so hot – so early, and he had been clearly walking for such a long time.
I didn’t know his story, but I instantly knew from looking at him that this young man was a polite, quiet, hardworking, smart teenage boy – who was jumping through the hoops of society just to catch half of a break in his life.

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A Liberal Millennial with A Groundbreaking Message: Life is Important.

Yesterday, I made a post schedule for the stuff I was going to have up on The Adulting Hippie for the month of July. This was even after U.S. police fatally shot Alton Sterling with 6 ‘warning shots’ (after claiming he pulled his gun out on them, when it’s clear that the police officers REMOVED… Continue reading A Liberal Millennial with A Groundbreaking Message: Life is Important.

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I’m on Adderall…Not A Meth Head.

Long term, I do not plan on being on adderall. I don’t think it’s natural to be on any sort of medication long-term…but, I’m not going to look at someone and say it’s just as bad as meth. I think you need to calm down..and maybe lay off the adderall yourself bruh!
Why don’t we learn from things like the crack epidemic of the 80’s? Is it cause just enough time has gone by that those who were involved have forgotten? Well hi, I know it happened. So I’m not about to freak out about a meth epidemic. I’m on adderall and I have a 3.6 college GPA, am running a chapter of a student org, volunteer whenever I can, run a blog and a painting business, meditate, read books, and watch the history channel and netflix shows…
Isn’t the argument against drugs that they ruin your life? Funny; my life STARTED getting better once I got on adderall. I’m never going to tell someone with a mental illness to not at least talk to their doctor about medication. That’s why there are such things as psychiatrists. They have doctorates, so no, they’re not dealing meth.